Validating auto blood pressure monitors

05-Dec-2017 00:28

• New electronic control: The control card is integrated in the board to allow temperature settings to be preset, automatic barometric alignment to take place, multifunction graphic display to work and carries the management availability for the integral P. • 6 Automatic cycles without need of operators presence: Six automatic sterilization cycles.All equipped with an anticondensation function and automatic cut off.• 3 Cycle tests for vacuum check: Europa B XP has 3 test cycles available: VACUUM TEST, for the air pockets evacuation BOWIE &DICK TEST, for hollow-tools HELIX TEST.• Warranted drying: The combined vacuum and heat drying cycle ensures that the equipment is totally dry as required.The total automation of each phase of the cycle prevents any possible human error, also from inexperienced personnel Timed start, with positioning in “Stand-by” at 80°C and automatic switch off after one hour not in use.Automatic filling up of the water: a pump allows the filling up, and stops automatically when the maximum level is reached. Andromeda Vacuum is provided with powerful vacuum pump which, at the beginning of the cycle, ejects the airpockets which are into the sterilization chamber, and at the end of the sterilization phase ensures a very good drying.• Safety on the door Each door is equipped with 2 locks: - a mechanical one which does not open when pressure is exerted - a dynamic one, that operates thanks to a special form of door seal • Safety devices installed - Certified safety valve - PED on sterilization chambers • Controls on the Autoclave - Control of the water that enters into the chamber - Safety Thermostat - Time Control The sterilization chamber is completely stainless steel AISI 304 and it is heated by a band shaped heating element which grants uniformity of the heat.

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• Safety of the operator Andromeda Vacuum has an electromagnetic block device on the door.

• Two sterilization cycles: 121°C and 134°C Automatic phases of pre-heating, sterilization cycle and drying.

• Pre-set, non-modificable cycles All cycles are pre-set at the factory and guarantee perfect and safe sterilization of treated materials.

In case of anomalies there will be an electronic lock of the autoclave and the display will indicate the anomaly.

• “Night” cycle with anti-condensate device Andromeda Vacuum can work also without the operator presence as all functions are automatic.

2 fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, sterilization cycles: at 134°C or 121°C with automatic drying.