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With more than 1 million VR headsets now selling per quarter, virtual reality telepresence is going mainstream.

Corporations spent over .5 billion on video conferencing last year and digital reality software companies are creating novel ways to grab some of that lucrative market.

Now you will no longer have to choose between attending a live meeting across the country or watching your daughter’s soccer match. Robotic telepresence is now usually deployed by remote-controlled robots with tablets mounted at eye-level.

From an office thousands of miles away, a user can guide the robot down the hallways of a building, stopping by to chat with co-workers on their way to attend a meeting.

Companies such as Virtual Apt have even equipped these robots with 360-degree video cameras so that virtual tours of hotels, college campuses and even high-end real estate properties can be captured and shared in VR.

Virtual robots can now be spotted traversing the aisles of major trade shows such as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the International Technology Manufacturing Show in Chicago.

Approaches to virtual personas range from cartoonish looking avatars all the way up to volumetric captured photo-realistic people complete with eye-tracking.

VR rooms also function as a shared workspace, where co-workers can leave 2D and 3D items for others to work on asynchronously.

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At a time when a generation of baby boomer experts are retiring, SWIS can plug many of the skills gaps faced by industry.Laura works in ad sales at a well-known tech company.