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Stay away from demonstrations, you might be considered a journalist travelling on a tourist visa.

Problem 1: not being able to hitchhike In Iran, everybody stops to take passengers on the road, especially if you're a girl.

After a party, it might be wise to consider staying there rather than going home.

Not all military installations and no go zones are marked on maps, so make sure you get advice from a local before you head out or stay on the road. These rules might seem conservative, especially as locals violate them all the time.

Surprisingly, it is also forbidden to take pictures of license plates, and is considered a quite serious offence.

Playing dumb tourist is still the best way to get out of this situation.

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Responsible also means they won't let you in a situation they judge dangerous.When hitchhiking in the north of the country, it might occur that people stop just to ask if you need assistance unrelated to transportation.In fact, you don't stand longer than 10 minutes without some car stopping for you.Hitchhiking is done in Iran by waving one's arm at an oncoming car, or by dribbling one of your hands.

Do not gesture with your thumb up as in the West, because this is an obscene gesture in Persian culture.

Waiting for a ride can be a frustrating experience sometimes, but it is generally relatively easy to hitchhike here.