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David Greene served in the United States Navy, and thus the family moved frequently.

Although Mark enjoys working the ER, the many nights on call and the long hours added to Jen's decision to complete law school have strained their marriage. Also the friendship between him and Susan is shown to be close as the two confide in each other about their personal lives while on break.But also have somebody that understands because he's even more complicated and a leader more than her.""He's so masculine and so strong and so powerful that she can [exhale] because he's that, so [Benson] gets to be a different color," the actress continued of the relationship that has received a mixed reaction from fans. Mark Greene was a fictional medical doctor in the television series ER, portrayed by the actor Anthony Edwards.Presumably their relationship kept all the way through college, (Mark admitted he kept faithful and never had sex with another in all the times he was with her.

This does not necessarily mean she wasn't.) and as he entered medical school sometime before or during married Jen, and his daughter, Rachel was born shortly afterwards.Mark also finds out that his mother viewed his birth as a mistake, as she didn't know his father well and had to get married quickly when she got pregnant.