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Earth Repository) was paired with Kokūzō Bodhisattva (lit.

Space Repository), with the two representing the blessings of earth and space respectively.

The strongest support for the Prithvi/Jizō link, however, is the Jizō Bosatsu Sūtra (Jp. Only later, in China’s late Sung dynasty (960–1279), does Jizō become associated with the Taoist Ten Kings of Hell and appear in Chinese artwork surrounded by the ten.

= 地蔵菩薩本願経), a 7th-century Chinese translation from Sanskrit, in which Prthivi vows to use all her miraculous powers to protect Jizō devotees. In Japan, Jizō first appears in records of the Nara Period (710 to 794 AD), and then spreads throughout Japan via the Tendai and Shingon sects.

Jizō is thus very popular and depicted in countless forms throughout Japan.

Many originated in recent centuries and are unique to this island nation (not found elsewhere in Asia).

In the Diamond World Mandala, Jizō appears as Kongōdō Bosatsu 金剛幢 (one of the 16 Great Bodhisattva).

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Jizō’s earliest association is with Prthvi (Prithvi), a Hindu goddess who personifies the earth and is associated with fertility.

The 18th day of each month is considered Kannon’s Ennichi.