Kids being bullied online dating

04-Nov-2017 15:56

” I really liked that my character was “not the everyday girlie-girl character.” Clara is different in a lot of ways, one being that she’s a teen who is “stuck in the 60’s” and is in love with Jim Morrison!Also, it felt good to play a character that wanted to stick up for the girl that was being bullied.This is such a great film and I know it will help so many people!Clara was a fairly easy part for me to play because Clara has “attitude!Even though this was a serious subject, I was happy to be in a scene that was meant to be funny. The girls were so natural and confident on the set.We all really had a good time and I think it shows.Also, there was a camera-man named Devin, and I would always steal the slate from him and change the date to Christmas or something weird like that. I miss all the girls sooooo much and I am so excited to see them at the premiere! I have to say thanks to everyone for putting so much effort into this because it has a really good message for a very important issue in todays cyber-world.

) It felt good to stick up for the “underdog.” It felt better to do it with Claras “attitude!I kept going back in with a different group of kids so the directors could see how we meshed together.There were so many talented kids involved, I couldn’t believe it.This film can help people learn what to do if they are being cyberbullied or if they are the cyberbully!

During the whole film process, my favorite scene would definately have to be the one in the kitchen with my dad and Adina – because when we would have to take breaks, we got to eat the cookie dough (yummy! That one just stands out (could it of been the cookie dough?

We want to share that Adina’s Deck is the original cyber bullying film before 13 Reasons Why!