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25-Nov-2017 16:25

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It seems Brock did not learn to respect and treasure women. I believe our children are brilliant and, when helped with effective parental guidance, can make effective, smart choices if and when they face a difficult situation. I talk to my boys candidly about drinking, drunk driving, sex, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, and death resulting from bad choices that could have been prevented.

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Then, there was the teenage girl who'd been kidnapped for a number of months and was found alive across the street from our home.

I have told him that sex is one of the best parts of life, but that you need to be old enough and ready to bear the responsibilities. Try not to get carried away by your emotions and desires. Soon, I will begin to talk to him about alcohol and how it can impair judgment, not that it is in any way an excuse. An important note on that reader’s email: It is not always “the female’s duty to consent.” For instance, under California’s new “yes means yes” consent law, that responsibility lies on both participants in the act, regardless of gender.

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