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For his part, Boothby was on dangerous ground, and not just by playing masochistic sex games in the company of the seriously scary Ronnie Kray. As an instantly recognisable public figure, he must have known that his blatant presence in the company of criminals would be noticed.

But Boothby was so conceited that he thought no one in authority would dare to do anything about it.

The police had indeed cottoned on to his close relationship with Ron and a considerable dossier was building up at C11, Scotland Yard's intelligence section, as it tracked the Krays' involvement in protection rackets, extortion, organised crime and major fraud.

By early summer 1964, the Yard was on the point of launching a major offensive against the twins.

'Well, look who's 'ere,' Cornell just had time to sneer before Ron lifted a Luger pistol and, at point-blank range, put a bullet into his forehead.

He'd been to see Dot Brown, his favourite clairvoyant, who told him he was the reincarnation of Attila the Hun and therefore invincible, but, being a paranoid schizophrenic, he was not reassured. Many years ago, Cornell had given Ron the hiding of his life, one of the few times he had taken a beating rather than dishing one out.She reminded me of a caddy I once seduced on the golf course at St Andrews,' he once said by way of explanation.But his real taste was for rough-trade sex and teenage boys, and it was this that brought him into contact with the Krays, both of whom were homosexuals.But transgressing socially by bringing violent criminals into contact with law lords, civil service mandarins and other VIPs wasn't Boothby's primary concern.

Transgressing sexually was his real obsession, and Ron was ready to oblige, though not in person. It was young men aged between 16 and 18 they went for, and Ron had his very own vice ring of them to share.In a cover-up that I can reveal went to the very doors of 10 Downing Street, the police were told to back off.