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05-Dec-2017 14:07

He also knew that the sun must be within 20 degrees 41' of the node point for an eclipse to occur.

In the Chinese language, the term for eclipse was "shi" which also means "to eat". 2159 – 2146) learned of an eclipse when he heard much noise in the streets as his subjects tried to drive away the dragon that was eating the sun.Babylonian astrologers kept careful records of celestial events including the motions of Mercury, Venus, the sun, and the moon on tablets dating from 1700 to 1681 BCE.Later records identified a total solar eclipse on July 31, 1063 BCE, that "turned day into night," and the famous eclipse of June 15, 763 BCE, recorded by Assyrian observers in Nineveh.The famous Greek astronomer, Ptolemy (ca 150 CE) recorded his observations of eclipses in the Almagest and showed he had a sophisticated scheme for predicting both lunar and solar eclipses.

Ptolemy knew, for example, the details of the orbit of the Moon including its nodal points.On one side the people use the platform of online chatting to spice up their life whereas on the very other side they do it just to take a break and seek the attention, love and care that they have always been searching for.