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The Sanskrit poet Magha, the author of Sisupalavadha, lived here in 680 AD.

The Jain scholar Siddharshi Gani, a resident of Bhinmal wrote Upmitibahava prapancha katha in 905 AD.

This temple was built by king Kumarapala and established by Acharya Hemachandra, dedicated to 1st Jain Tirthankar Rishabha.

Currently, the temple is dedicated to the 24th Jain Tirthankar Mahavira, re-established by Vidhyachandra Suri of Tapagachha, belonging to the Tristutik sect.

He is known for the composition of two texts on mathematics and astronomy: The Brahmasphutasiddhanta in 628, and the Khandakhadyaka in 665.

The Jain Ramayana was written by Jain monk Vijayagani in 1595 AD. Bhinmala was also called Shrimala, recorded in a thirteenth century text Shramali Purana.

The Brahmins and merchants originating from Bhinmal were called Shrimali Brahmanas and Shrimali Vaniyas respectively.

Apart from the many ancient Jain Temples across the town, there is a temple of jains called 72 Jinalayas - the 72 temple comlex with the 72 Tirthakar (24 Past 24 Future 24 Current)as per jainism.

It is the largest jain temple which conclude 19 years of its making.There was a time when this city had a circumference of 64 kilometres and the fort had 84 gates.