Buddhist singles dating site

12-Dec-2017 09:17

We migrated easily back and forth across the boundary between friendship and romance.

I’m still good friends with virtually everyone I’ve paired up with in the past twenty years.

A French Zen student who baked a tarte aux pommes for my birthday and offered me bouquets of homegrown chard.

A yogi who invited me to a clothing-optional “love and intimacy” workshop at his Santa Cruz home that culminated in a talent show where a seventy-three-year-old woman belly-danced wearing nothing but a denim apron.

And, of course, spirituality—to a depth I imagine not normally addressed by the average dating site (“What happens after the body dies? Is the not-yet-enlightened prince who will eventually become the Buddha really the sort of guy I want to be flirting with this time around? But didn’t he run out on his wife and child to wander around with a bunch of celibate homeless people? ” “What spiritual teacher has influenced you the most? ” A resident of a Tibetan retreat center in Canada writes, “I smiled at you but I have no idea what a smile means. ” As a writer, I already spend a good portion of my days staring at my computer screen; I quickly discover that I don’t want to conduct my social life there.

” is a question I’ve never seen before in a multiple-choice format). The dharma-dating emails drown in the flood of messages from my real-world life: article submissions, work appointments, family sagas, baby announcements, friends inviting me to potluck suppers.

We’re a free online dating site that specialises in helping people of all beliefs find meaningful, long-lasting relationships.The first thing I must do, on both sites, is choose a screen name. So I scramble through my files, trying to find a recent picture that doesn’t lop off my head to focus on my five-year-old son. The poet sends poems he has written and photos of his cabin and sailboat on a silver lake.

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I'm a kind, sweet person who will always be there for a friend. … continue reading »

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