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In order to do this, you should go quickly to one of Dom’Asile’s permanences in Paris region or to the Cimade all over France.« CNDA » : The National Court for Asylum is an administrative jurisdiction.

Its judges review the appeal you can make against OFPRA’s decision to reject your asylum application.

You have to apply for legal aid within 15 days from the time you receive the rejection letter from the OFPRA.

Presented in simple and understandable language, it provides relevant and concrete information regarding the procedures and the rights of asylum seekers in France, useful to people who want to seek asylum or have already applied for refugee status.

They can cancel the OFPRA’s decision, and grant the asylum seeker the status of refugee or the subsidiary protection.

They also can reject the appeal: in this case the asylum seeker is denied the right to benefit from asylum in France.“Appeal” (Recours) : In the context of the asylum process, if you make an appeal, it means you contest a rejection decision taken concerning your asylum application by the OFPRA. The appeal must reach in the CNDA within one month from the date you received the decision from OFPRA;.

If you wish, you can attend the hearing of another person, in order to know how it s organised.

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– The CNDA can also reject your appeal : in this case you can not get the protection in France.which means within one month from the day you went to the psot office and picked up the letter.

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