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For centuries society has called the estimated 1 in 2,000 people born a year like Cal hermaphrodites.That term is now considered offensive, and the preferred description is intersex—a term that encompasses at least 30 different conditions, says Dr. At age 6, she went to the hospital for a hernia operation."I wasn't really a tomboy in the same way that a lot of non-intersex girls I know were tomboys. When Hida was born, she says, doctors wanted to perform a surgery to make her large clitoris smaller.But she says her father, a doctor from Colombia, refused."But the fact of the matter is, I've had three boyfriends. '"Hida says when she was growing up, she always felt different."I was more aggressive than other girls," she says.In the summer 2007 book club selection—Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides—Cal was born with a condition in which he had both male and female genitalia.

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What transgender is, is when you feel the assignment you got was the wrong one.So I felt really isolated in that sense." At 18, Katie and her parents found a support group of people like her."I met some really amazing, talented, beautiful, smart women who were just like, 'You know what? Yes, I used to have testes, but it doesn't mean anything to me in terms of how I live my life. It's not all of me.'" Now 22, Katie says something like dating can still be intimidating."He was more informed than a lot of parents are and decided, why cut me open if I'm healthy and everything's functioning normally," she says. "I have both, and I'm not going to lie about it or deny it or hide it." "I am so happy that I'm intersex and that I wasn't operated on or given hormone therapy," Hida says.

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"Everybody knows you shouldn't operate if you can help it, especially on a baby." Hida says part of the reason she is comfortable with her intersex body is that she never felt pressure to choose a gender. "I would never change a thing."For most of her life, Lynnell lived as a male named Steve.

"I really did play and compete more like the boys." When she was 27, Hida read an article about intersex people and realized that it was referring to people like her. Hida has two X chromosomes, so her body is biologically female.