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05-Oct-2017 07:34

It’s no secret that Samsung has long struggled with the media at product launches (e.g “Samsung weird”) but the very poor track record of Samsung Health (eg.

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Patients commonly need to exercise deep breathing for faster recovery, with one of the conventional methods through use of an inspirometer.Patients can refer to exercise guidelines and check how well their lungs have recovered through the app.Go Breath even offers a web and cloud service for doctors to help them monitor their patients’ recovery progress as well as provide reminders to practice” Samsung CLab to reveal creative new projects at CES 2018 m Health Insights Apple completely ignores the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but it never fails to bring out the very worst in Healthcare concepts from the world’s biggest mobile brand (remember the Samsung Welt Belt from previous years? Still the concepts the world’s biggest mobile brand (they are set to ship 320 million smartphones & 40 million feature phones in 2018) are backing for 2017 look particularly bad.“Human behavior is infinitely complex,” Little says.

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“Trying to measure a hand tremor from a smartphone is great until you realize someone’s using a lawnmower.” I think this basic issue is overcome when we just realise we need to combine m Health sensor data with clinically validated medical history taking questionnaires and then using that data to tweak the algorithms so that when hand tremors are detected in future the microphone & gyro turn on to discount the finding if there is also a vibrating engine detected. At present, Little says the most reliable disease monitoring systems involve the use of so-called “structured” tests, in which people carrying smartphones perform certain specific tasks.

That basic health information is important across anything from just general wellness to heart conditions to mental health conditions to diabetes.” I think society is gradually realising that most Doctors today are having little more than encounters with strangers so it doesn’t surprise me that Dr Torous thinks mobiles can only manage to provide a ‘very good proxy’.

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