0871 chat lines

30-Dec-2017 08:05

We understqand there are an incredible number of things to consider when starting a business. We can set up a single number for you throught to a complete telecoms solution with virtual services.

Lets us manage your telecoms, freeing you to focus on your business.

Should you move, you simply take the NGN phone number with you.

This is a guide to common phone numbers, some of the ways they are used and the indicative cost of calling them from landlines and mobiles as per Ofcom July 1012 There are so many different types of phone number these days that it can be hard keeping tabs on how much they cost to call.

Our inbound solutions give you all the features of a PBX without the cost or the investment in time.

No equipment is needed; it is simply attached remotely to your landline or mobile or a hosted call handling service.

Please view our different options which should help you understand the differences between the types of business telephone numbers and their unique bebnefits.